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Stand For Freedom

The Progressive American Empire is coming to an end.

Something has to replace the existing government structure.  

The geniuses in DC and their lackeys in media want Americans humbled under the boot of new Woke Totalitarian State. 

I want a United States of America re-founded on the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. 

I'm sure you do, too. 

To get from here to there we need a plan. 

Good news. I have one. 

How Freedom Loving Americans Win

  • Promote Americanism relentlessly. 
  • Build happy, healthy, freedom loving families. 
  • Turn our kids (if you have any) into weapons of Mass Americanization. 
  • Organize patriotic communities.
    • Friends 
    • Businesses
  • Unite the Races behind shared goals for our children.

How Freedom Loving Americans Lose

  • Cry about Communists ruining everything.
  • Hope government schools teach our kids to love America.
  • Post "I saw this coming" and "are you paying attention yet" on social media whilst taking ZERO action.
  • Wait for a politician to save us.

I don't want to lose. I assume you don't either.

We need to take immediate action.

We need to actively promote Americanism.


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