Tyranny of Experts

applied americanism Apr 28, 2020

Crossing the Delaware

If General Washington consulted an expert in river crossings about taking his Army across a partially frozen river after dark the expert would have said "absolutely not". 

Had General Washington not crossed the Delaware River we would have lost the Revolutionary War. 

Experts are experts. Being an expert means you know a lot about a specific subject. 

Expertise does not mean you are wise. 

It does not mean you are a leader or should make policy. 

General Washington was wise. He knew he had to win a battle before the end of the month or the war was lost. 

He was sitting in a tent on Christmas Eve and decided the risk of drowning his men in the river was worth the reward of victory. 

He crossed the river, saved the rebellion and went on to found America. 

Thank God.

Experts Know What Experts Know

At a recent White House briefing Dr. Fauci said we could relax social distancing once there are "no new cases, no deaths". He further lamented that the real turning point won't happen until we have a vaccine. 

A vaccine is maybe 18 months away. 


He is an expert in stopping the spread of infectious disease. This expertise shapes his beliefs and his recommendations. 

He appears to be a smart man. 

I don't believe he wants society to collapse, schools to close and business owners to go broke. 

He does not appear to be an evil tyrant. In fact, he seems sincere and kind. 

However, he can not be allowed to make policy for the United States of America. 

His primary concern is the virus. 

Everything else is secondary. 

He will obliterate society to kill the virus because his expertise tells him that's what he should do. Period. End of story. 

Bureaucracy Uses Experts To Beat You Into Submission

If you challenge the draconian shut down of society a litany of government and media types descend upon you like a plague (an actual plague, not COVID-19). 

They suggest you are anti-science, dumb as a bag of hair and want all old people to die. 

They point to an expert or panel of experts then demand fealty to woke tyranny. 

The self be-knighted leaders make decisions "based on what the experts say" to avoid having to make tough choices. 

The Governor of Idaho closed society down with fewer than 100 confirmed cases in the state. 

Our school closed with ZERO confirmed cases. It probably won't re-open this school year. 

Why? Our leadership is a bunch of boo-boo-baby-bitch nerds. They follow the herd and refuse to make tough decisions. 

So, here's the question - what if Dr. Fauci is wrong? What if Dr. Birx is wrong? What if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) data was garbage and the Imperial College London model was wrong? 

What if we closed society, stomped all over the Bill of Rights and ruined small businesses from sea to shining sea for no good f-ing reason? 

Who will be held accountable? 

Dr. Fauci? The CDC? CNN? FoxNews? The CCP? Lol, yeah right. 

As a society we must demand leaders do what leaders are supposed to do - take info from experts in all fields then come up with a wise solution. 

President Trump 

Since anything and everything in American media revolves around the presidency the focus will be on President Trump. 

He will eventually look at the social and economic devastation wrecking America and decide it's time to chart a new course in the fight against COVID-19. 

We need to support him.

Even if you don't like him. 

Even if you think he's a mean, angry racist. It's irrelevant. You can be mad at him again in a few months and can vote to remove him from office in November. 

If he loses the fight to re-open our society a tyranny of experts will be unleashed upon us until a vaccine is widely available in 2021 or 2022. 

It will be rolling lockdowns, 50% unemployment, insane government spending and eventual civil unrest. 

Live Free,


PS, here's the link to my blog post about Wuhan Commie Fever from 12 May 2020

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