Save Kids. Harden Schools.

podcast the briefing Nov 19, 2019

Serious topic today. 

How to reduce the frequency and severity of school shootings. 

The United States Secret Service released and analysis of school shootings. 

Click here to check it out

I cover three of the 10 summary points. 

  1. There is no way to profile shooters or targets. Hence, the need for hardened schools and armed teachers. 
  2. Parents need to keep firearms away from their kids. Especially kids with mental health or anger issues. 
  3. We need to raise kids who defend kids who can't defend themselves. 

That's it. 

Your kids are extremely unlikely to be shot at school.
However, if there is even a small chance we have an obligation to protect kids and teachers in our communities.

How? Simple. We address the issue in reality and not in political-point-scoring-waste-of-time-pontificating. 

What won't work. 
Gun control. It's a waste of time and does nothing to protect people from murderous maniacs.

The government can't protect government employees in a government building in California.  California has strict gun control laws. Guns were illegal in the building where this psycho killed 14 people and seriously wounded more than 20. 

The government can't protect you. You need to protect yourself and we need to put trained professional and teachers between would-be murderers and our sons and daughters. 

No jokes today. 

Stay frosty, 


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