Culture War Kumite

podcast the briefing Nov 18, 2019

Two cultures enter! One Culture leaves!

Today we're coving the total schism of American culture and the bridge abutment we're about to plow into while adding fake glasses to our snap story...if that's still a thing. 

I don't know for sure. I'm 42. 

Story #1 - obligatory Colin "I'm just like Harriet Tubman" Kaepernick commentary. 

Colin Kaepernick is a perfect example of gaslighting your way to contracts with Nike and Social Justice Martyrdom. 

I don't care about him. He's fine.

What I do care about is taking his tomfoolery and turning it into a lesson for my kids. 

Specifically, how NOT to:

  1. get a job
  2. create a positive impact 

He's politicized football and made racial division worse. Great work. 

Story #2 - Bill Maher warns against turning political enemies into Hitler.

Somewhat ironic since this is sort of his bread-and-butter. 

However, I agree. We need to sell Americanism not score "sick burns" on twitter. 

I call this the "Daily Showing" of American Culture. 

Jon Stewart mastered the art of the political smartassery. This makes for great TV but terrible public discourse. 

Spend anytime on Twitter or in the comments section of any website and you'll find thousands of one-line "take downs" of, well, pretty much anything. 

Make a post about how you love your wife and appreciate her staying home with the kids and you're met with - 

"Great job, Mr. Man with your stupid penis. What's it like to have a house slave to make food and tend to your disgusting bedroom demands? How many times did you have to beat her before she believed raising children wasn't a huge waste of her life?" 

Make a post about universal healthcare and here comes - 

"Great idea, libtard. I'm not paying for lazy losers who refuse to work. You know who else liked free healthcare? Lenin!" 

Neither argument is compelling. 

Both are pointless...unless you are trying to increase follower count so you can sell books or get on cable news. 

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because she believed Trump supporters were irredeemable and deplorable. 

Mitt Romney lost because he assumed 47 percent of the electorate wouldn't vote for him because they didn't understand how tax cuts would help them. 

By contrast, President Reagan won 49 of 50 states in 1984. 

49 of 50. 

How? By telling the positive story of American Exceptionalism and giving people hope for a better future. 

Not just with flowery rhetoric but with results. 

Americanism doesn't need sick burns to win. It just needs people like us to promote it. 

Link to President Reagan's farewell address

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