Cold Beer and Concussions

podcast the briefing Nov 22, 2019

Friday Fun Time

It's Friday so we're keeping it light. 

What we're talking about.

  1. Mason and Myles are not "a microcosm of society". They are 2 dudes who got in a fight. 
  2. The fracturing of the Conservative Movement continues. 
  3. Country Music

Mason Rudolph Not So Bright

Pro tip - don't fight massive super athletes.

Extra special pro tip - especially after losing your helmet. 

Garrett alleges Rudolph dropped an N-Bomb on him. Who knows and more importantly who cares?  

You know what is important? Getting to the bottom of the still unanswered Miller Lite question. 

Rodney Dangerfield searches for answers in this award winning documentary

Conservative, Inc. Mimics Cultural Left 

There's way too much infighting and complaining in the conservative movement.

Yes, the media is leftist. 

Yes, social media networks are biased. 

Stop whining and build a movement so badass it can't be stopped. 

There's also too much "buy my book or we're all doomed!"

That's why we're building Raising Americans - to replace "Outrage! Give me money!" with "Thank God I'm an American. Let's promote freedom so everyone can be as happy as I am.". 

Speaking of happiness. 

New Country Music I love

There are several excellent new albums you should be listening to...unless you're "too cool" for country music. In which case I can't help you. 

Here are 3 albums to check out this weekend. Each gets a little more Texan than the last. #texasforever

1. Jon Pardi - Heartache Medication

This is Jon's best album by a mile. It's old school and goes great with cold beer.

Best song on the album - Ain't Always The Cowboy. 

2. Casey Donahew - One Light Town

Casey is fantastic live and still plays small venues. Find a show near you and go...even if you don't like country music. You'll for sure meet some new and interesting people. I saw him play in Idaho at a bar that didn't allow MC cuts but did allows guns. It doesn't get more American than that. 

Best song on the album - A Cowboy's Prayer, Promise Land

3. Kevin Fowler - Barstool Stories

Best song on the album - Fake ID

Funny story - My wife, sister and I took Kolton to see Kevin at Billy Bob's Texas when he was 11. We left little Abe with his Angel Mom to pound Shiner Bock. 

Kolton beat some nerd at a basketball game and the crowd went wild. One of the best nights of my life. 

It's Friday. Go home, kiss the wife, hug the kids and thank God you're an American. 

See you Monday, 


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