Climate Change and The Duke Boys

podcast the briefing Nov 14, 2019

This is the Raising Americans Daily Briefing.

Basically, I sit at my desk, read headlines and talk about stuff from a pro Americanism standpoint. 

What is Americanism? It's a combination of 3 things that make our culture exceptional and better than every other culture. 

  • Individual Liberty
  • American Capitalism
  • Limited Government 

Today we used articles on Real Clear Politics

Links to relevant stories below.  

All links open in a new window. 

We Have Ended The War on American Workers - President Trump

The Religion of Climatism - Josef Joffe

I embarrassingly didn't know Josef. Here is a link to other posts by Josef as an apology

LGBTQ Education in Public School, Pre-K Up - John Murawski 

Again, be as gay or as Q as you want. Sexual content of any kind is inappropriate for little kids. 

Also, my family is "non-traditional". I don't want the government telling my sons what to think about it. That's my job. 

Especially since I'm pretty sure they would tell my sons something like, "Whitey stole you!". No thanks. I'll handle it myself. 

It's not the school's job to make my kids feel welcome by having books with white parents and black kids. We're a unique family and that makes us awesome. Raise resilient little Americans and they won't come home crying because the books at school don't look like your family. 

My youngest son loves Woody from Toy Story. Woody is white. Abe is not. Kids don't need to see "people who look like them" do cool stuff in movies and on TV. They need to see their parents live awesome lives and set the standard. 

When I was a kid I wasn't sitting at home watching Dukes of Hazard thinking, "wow, Luke sure is a successful moonshiner...but he's got dark hair and I don't...damn, guess I better turn to a life of crime." 

I tell my kids we are better than other families because we can survive in a cold European climate and a hot African climate. When my boys ask why we adopted black kids instead of white kids I tell them I wanted to increase the chances of getting a great athlete.** Suck on that, PC nerds. 

It's Time for Senator Graham to Expose Schiff's Ruse - David Avella 

The Hong Kong Protestors Aren't Driven by Hope - Zeynep Tufekci 

Young Homebuyers Are Vanishing From The U.S. - Bloomberg News

**that's only partially why we adopted black kids ;). I'll do an adoption show eventually and go into more detail. 

Merica vs The World,


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