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podcast the briefing Nov 20, 2019

Of Course FedEx Pays Taxes

A great way to prove you are gaslighting the American public is to accuse massive corporations of "not paying taxes". 

FedEx, Amazon, Walmart, Nike, etc. pay massive amounts of taxes and contribute billions of dollars to the US economy. 

Politicians and "journalists" telling you otherwise are lying. 

FedEx buys fuel for trucks and planes. Fuel is taxed. 

FedEx employs people. 

Employees pay income tax, payroll tax, etc.

Employees (aka We the People) also pay sales tax, property tax and a bunch of fees our betters in government need desperately so they can not fix the roads, have fund raisers and blame global warming...or cooling...or whatever.  

Pretending FedEx needs to "pay their fair share" so we can all have "free" healthcare and "even more free" college is sophistry. 

Stop lying.

Make a real argument. If you think taxes should be higher so you can engineer a perfect society with your giant brain you should be able to convince a dumbass rube like me without making stuff up. 

I mean, you're like super-duper smart so it should be easy. 

Always Remember the Raising Americans First Rule of Taxation - The American citizen doesn't exist to fund the whims of an out-of-control government. 

Neither do corporations. 

Please Send Me To The Gulag Last

To maintain an American culture of freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of religion we must ignore and defeat speech and thought totalitarians.

Appeasement won't work.

You'll never be woke enough to appease the Woke Aristocracy. 

Here's the latest example:

Chic-fil-A decided to stop giving money to The Salvation Army under pressure form LGBTQ+ groups. 

The whole "we hate the evil Salvation Army" party stems from a fake news article accusing said Salvation Army of being anti LGBTQ+ because, wait for it, the Salvation Army is a Christian organization. 

To fall in-line with PC nerds we must immediately:

1. Ignore the hundreds of thousands of people the Salvation Army helps. 

2. Ignore the fact that they don't discriminate against actual humans who are LGBTQ+. 

All that matters is they don't think the way crazed Leftist goons demand. 

That's the crime. 


Well, in this case LGBTQ+ activists don't care about outcomes for LGBTQ+ Americans.

They care about advancing their anti-American, anti-freedom agenda through virtue signaling and intimidation. 

The Left works to destroy the Salvation Army and plans to replace it with...nothing. 

Oh wait, they'll replace it with an all powerful government full of virtuous perfect people.

You know, because no government has ever been bad. 

A Story That Makes Me Laugh

President Obama is now a Conservative. 

Thanks Obama, but these patronising lectures are getting old. - Arwa Mahdawi, The Guardian

The Left turns on Obama - Ronn Blitzer - Fox News

Welcome to the party, Mr. President. 

More on this later. 

Have a great day. 


PS, it's Merica vs The World. Glad to have you on the team. 

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