Baby Demands iPhone Pro to Google Deval Patrick

podcast the briefing Nov 14, 2019

Today we cover:

  • why Hillary Clinton should NOT run again...for her own good. For real. Losing 3 times will be too much for her to take. 
  • how President Obama should have been a top 5 President.
  • why smart phones are making your kids dumber.
  • and some other fun stuff.

You know how we roll, playa. Let's do this. 

Articles are from Real Clear Politics on 14 November 2019.

Links to relevant stories below.  

All links open in a new window. 

Why Deval Patrick Is Making A Late Bid - Perry Bacon

Hillary Clinton, Get Real - SE Cupp

 It's The Economy, Stupid - Charles Gasparino 

I'm a Gold Star Husband and Vet: Trump Right to End 9/11 Wars - Joe Kent

Google Wants Your Health Records (duh) - Julia Carrie Wong

ABC News Protecting A Sexual Predator - Becket Adams 

Screen Usage And Falling Test Scores - Nat Malkus

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