All American Family Reset

The Greatest New Years Resolution in the History of Freedom. 

Included with Promerican Membership

Be a Better Parent

Raise a happy, patriotic family.  

  • Earn trust 
  • Build lifelong bonds
  • Have fun 

Strong, Fit and Capable

Ending obesity 1 family at a I'm not saying you're obese. 

  • Teach your kids to love exercise
  • Improve nutrition 

All American Family Reset FAQ

Question - what *exactly* is the All American Family Reset?

Answer - it's 8 weeks of training to turn your kids into weapons of mass Americanization.   

Question - Do I have to be a Republican to participate?

Answer - Uh, no.

 Question - What could happen if I DON'T participate? 

Answer - Let me paint a picture of some possible outcomes: 

  • The Great Reset works
  • 10 years from now your kid comes home from Thanksgiving and demands you decolonize your whiteness...even though you're black. 
  • you refuse and are sent to a Woke Gulag
  • where you are forced to eat fake bug meat while watching old episodes of The View

Question - Is this boring like American History in government school? 

Answer - Hell no. 

Our mission in life is to start a grassroots tidal wave of freedom.

You can't do that with boring, college-boy content. 

Question - I'm was taught America is founded on racism...will the All American Family Reset change my mind? 

Answer - Yes.

People who want you to hate America DO NOT have your best interests at heart.

They lie about Americanism to divide black and white Americans and rob our children of their heritage while advancing their greedy, money loving agenda. 

America is NOT founded on racism. It's founded on equal treatment, individual liberty and freedom. I'll prove it to you. 

Question - is there like a diet program? I need to drop the COVID 50...know what I'm saying? 

Answer - yes. Want to know more? Scroll down and watch the next video. Or just, you know, register. Would. I steer you wrong? 

Question - Should I register for All American Family Fitness? 

Answer - Yes. Yes you should. Hit the button below. 

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