Don't quit on America

There is a belief that we are doomed and our way of life must change.

That the American Ideals of Equality, Rights, Individual Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are relics of an America that no longer exists. 

Government schools demand we scrap the Declaration of Independence in favor of a new, woke communist government. 

Things are so bad a growing number of Americans believe the Union should dissolve whilst we engage in a "national divorce". 

I reject this premise. 

I love America. 

My family wouldn't exist without her. 

I'm not abandoning my country because keeping it together is hard.

Neither should you. 

Where would the world be if George Washington was like, "Man, these Redcoats are tough...they control we even WANT to expel a tyrannical, slave trading, imperialist empire and build a new nation founded in liberty?"

I tell you where the world would be - living under the boot of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or the Imperial Japanese.

That's where. 

Past generations fought for OUR freedom against impossible odds.

You're telling me we can't do the same for future generations?

What are we? Soft? 

Stop lamenting the end of liberty and %^*# do something to regain and preserve it. 

- It took more than a 2 decades to beat the British and write the Constitution. 

- It took another 70 years and a massive civil war to end slavery. 

- The Civil Rights Era was 100 years AFTER the Civil War. 

100 years! 

Now, in 2021, after 250+ years of progress we are just giving up like a pack of French donkeys? 


Woke politicians and flaccid bureaucrats are tougher than us?

For real?

No way. I refuse to accept that. 

We can regain our liberty, unite the races and begin 100 years of unmatched prosperity  by promoting Americanism with relentless fervor. 

How do we start? 

I'm glad you asked. 

Mass Americanization 2022 

The greatest New Years Resolution in the history of freedom.

31+ days of freedom loving infotainment delivered directly to your inbox starting 1 January 2022. 

Effort required - minimal. 

Fun level - high to very high. 

Cost to register - $17.76.

Register now...or the Commies win.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question - Do I have to be a Republican to participate?

Answer - Uh, no.

Freedom has no Party affiliation. 

Question - what *exactly* is Mass Americanization?

Answer - The greatest 5 weeks of your life. Probably. No guarantees. 

Question - I'm single and have no kids. Can I participate? 

Answer - For Sure.

You might even be married with a kid 9 months later. 

Question - Is this boring like American History in government school? 

Answer - Hell no. 

Our mission in life is to start a grassroots tidal wave of freedom.

You can't do that with boring, college-boy content. 

Question - I'm was taught America is founded on racism...will you change my mind? 

Answer - Yes.

People who want you to hate America DO NOT have your best interests at heart.

They lie about Americanism to divide black and white Americans and rob our children of their heritage while advancing a greedy, money loving agenda. 

America is NOT founded on racism. It's founded on equal treatment, individual liberty and freedom. I'll prove it to you. 

Question - Should I register for Mass Americanization? 

Answer - Yes. Yes you should. Hit the button below. 


What will I learn from Mass Americanization? 

Wow. Great question. You are clearly very smart.

In short, everything you need to:

  • promote our amazing American culture of equality and freedom
  • obliterate the woke Commie ideology infesting our institutions
  • close the racial divide
  • launch 100 years of unmatched American prosperity

The Mass Americanization Course

Your Americanization is broken into 5 blocks over 31+ days:

  1. The Declaration of Independence 
  2. Liberty is Black and White
  3. The Constitution and Bill of Rights
  4. Enemies of Liberty 
  5. Rise of the American Republic

Daily lessons include:

  • an amazing video
  • an audio version of the video so you can listen on the go
  • links to source materials (when appropriate)
  • PDF study guides (when appropriate)
  • hilarious jokes (potentially inappropriate)

Yes, you have access to the course forever...well, at least until we go out of business or I become governor of Idaho.

You should go ahead and sign up. 

It's only $17.76 

1 payment. 

No, it is not a membership.