Build a freedom loving family.

Raise your kids with American Values. 

Liberty starts in the home.

Delivering the original promise of America to ours and future generations starts with dads teaching their kids what it means to be an American. 

Americanize the family. 

Americanize the culture. 

Rebuild the Republic. 

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Being an American in the 21st century is like winning the lottery of life.

This is true if you are a man or a woman.

It's true if you are black, white, brown or whatever.

We live in the safest, most prosperous country in all of human history. 

Even after a year of COVID-mania there has never been a better time to be alive or a better place to live. 


Billions of humans from past generations would do ANYTHING to switch places with us. 

Hundreds of millions of humans on planet earth right now would swim through a sea of sharks (or walk hundreds of miles through Mexico) to get into America. 

Every American should wake up in the morning thanking God for our founding and for great men like George Washington who created the country we enjoy today. 

Sadly, most Americans don't feel so blessed. 

In fact, they believe America is a horrid, racist prison-camp-of-despair. 

Anti-Americanism dominates every aspect of pop culture, politics and media. 

Our kids are taught American history as if it were written by Joseph Stalin himself.

"America bad. Communism good. Welcome to Gulag!" - J. Stalin, Hell. 

I, for one, would like to change that. 

And I would like you to help me do it. 

Not by being unhappy and angry. 

By teaching our children the True Story of American Exceptionalism (TM) and living exceptional American lives with our families. 

No crying about the unfair media. 

No whining about the flaccid Republican Party. 

No blaming our problems on liberal Democrats.  

America is great. 

Americanism is exceptional. 

All we have to do is believe in it as much as the aforementioned media, Republicans and Democrats believe in woke communism. 

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The Promericans and Merica vs the World

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Aggressively pro American history,  politics and parenting. The Promericans Podcast is safe for the kids. Merica vs the World is not...unless your kids are savages. 

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Flag Haulers

Let the Commies know what's up by turning your truck (or less manly vehicle) into a weapon of mass Americanization.

Only available for pick up in Eagle, Idaho.

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Teach Your Kids to Love America

Send your kids to school armed with the true story of American Exceptionalism so they don't come home calling you a white supremacists. 

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