Build a happy, healthy, freedom loving family.

Be a better parent. Teach your kids to love America.

The solution to every problem in America is in your home.   

America needs a new generation of patriots. 

It's our responsibility as parents to create them. 


Land of the Free?   

There is a growing belief that America is doomed and our way of life must change.

That our Founding Ideals of equality, unalienable Rights, individual liberty and rebellion to tyrants are relics of an America that no longer exists. 

I'm not going to lie...we are heading in the wrong direction. 

- A cabal of rich, freedom-hating-maniacs control almost every aspect of our culture. 

- Failed, low T politicians conspire with the even lower IQ media to divide us by race, class and gender. 

- Our tech overlords enrich themselves selling panic, hate and racial division. 

- the unAmerican and unconstitutional Administrative State is working overtime to crush our liberty under the boot of bureaucratic safetyism. 

The worst part? Our elected "leaders" have open contempt for 90% of the country and 100% of the Declaration of Independence. 

Things are so bad a growing number of Americans believe the Union should dissolve whilst we engage in a "national divorce". 

I reject this premise. 

I love America. 

My family wouldn't exist without her. 

I'm not abandoning my country because keeping it together is hard.

Neither should you. 

Where would the world be if George Washington was like,

"wow, these Redcoats are tough...they control we even WANT to expel a racist, colonialist, imperialist, slave trading empire to build a new nation founded in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that ALL Men are created equal?"

I tell you where the world would be - living under the boot of the British Confederacy, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or the Imperial Japanese. That's where. 

Past generations fought for OUR freedom against impossible odds.

You're telling me we can't do the same for our kids and grandkids?

What are we? Soft? 

- It took more than a 2 decades to beat the British and write the Constitution. 

- It took another 70 years and a massive civil war to end the British practice of chattel slavery. 

- The Civil Rights Era was 100 years AFTER the Civil War. 

100 years! 

Now, in 2022, after 250+ years of progress we are just giving up like a pack of crybaby Commies? 


Woke politicians and flaccid bureaucrats are tougher than us?

For real?

No way. I refuse to accept that. 

We can regain our liberty, begin 100 years of unmatched prosperity and usher in an era of racial harmony simply by promoting Americanism in our homes.

I know what you're thinking, "Kalian, this sounds great. You are clearly a very wise and handsome man...but what can I do? Where do I fit in?".

Great question. 

We start small - we Americanize the #&[email protected] out of ourselves and our families. 

Yes, it's that easy.

There is no stopping the United States when millions of us promote Americanism as hard as the dirty Commies promote communism.


Think about it, America remains the greatest nation on earth despite a 100+ year Communist propaganda campaign funded by our unAmerican federal government and pumped relentlessly into public and private education. 

100 years of Commie indoctrination and we are still number 1. 

Imagine where we will be after 100+ years of American Indoctrination? 

But it won't work unless you do. 

Mass Americanization starts with you. 

It starts with your family. 

Hit the button below and get started today. 

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