Build a strong, happy and patriotic family. 

Don't Quit on America

There is a belief that America is doomed and our way of life must change. 

That the American Ideals of Equality, Rights, Individual Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are relics of an America that no longer exists. 

A growing number of Americans believe the Union should dissolve whilst we engage in a "national divorce". 

I reject this premise. 

I love America. 

My family wouldn't exist without Her. 

I'm not abandoning my country because keeping it together is hard.

Neither should you. 

Where would the world be if George Washington was like, "Man, these Redcoats are tough...they control everything...do we even WANT to expel a tyrannical, slave trading, imperialist empire and build a new nation founded in liberty?"

I tell you where the world would be - living under the boot of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or the Imperial Japanese. That's where. 

Past generations fought for freedom against impossible odds.

You're telling me we can't beat a bunch of woke Commie college boy nerds?

What are we? Soft? 

Stop lamenting the end of freedom and %^*# do something to regain and preserve it. 

It took more than a 2 decades to beat the British and write the Constitution. 

It took another 70 years and 600,000+ war dead to end slavery. 

The Civil Rights Era was 100 years AFTER the Civil War. 

100 years! 

Now, in 2021, after 250 years of sacrifice we are just giving up like a pack of French donkeys? 

Are we REALLY capitulating to woke school board members and a handful of slap happy Commie activists? 

Progressives are tougher than us? For real? We can't mount an argument against their failed, garbage fire of an ideology? 

No way. I refuse to accept that. 

We can win. 

We can defeat Communism by promoting our ideology with relentless fervor. 

Fortunately we have the best ideology in the history of humanity - Americanism. 

How do we start? 

I'm glad you asked. 

Four Days For Freedom 

Between 11 and 14 November we go HAM for America.

  • 11 November (Veterans Day) - Merica Mile 
  • 12 November - Hot Meat and Freedom
  • 13 November - You Are Not Forgotten 
  • 14 November - Flags Out 

Effort required - minimal. It's stuff you like to do with an extra Americanism.

Fun level - high to very high. 

Commies irritated - all of them. 

Cost to register - $0.

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4 Days For Freedom FAQ

Question - Do I have to be a Republican to participate?

Answer - Uh, no.

Freedom does not have a Party affiliation. 

Question - what *exactly* is 4 Days for Freedom?

Answer - it's 4 simple acts of patriotism performed over, not surprisingly, 4 days. 

  • walk a mile with an American Flag
  • BBQ
  • Visit a local Vietnam Veteran War Memorial 
  • Put a flag out front

Question - Free?

Will you try selling me something that costs money? 

Answer - Of course.

We are not racist Commies funded by Daddy Government.  

Question - I'm single and have no kids. Can I participate? 

Answer - For Sure.

You might even be married with a kid 9 months later. 

Question - Is this boring like American History in government school? 

Answer - Hell no. 

Our mission in life is to start a grassroots tidal wave of freedom.

You can't do that with boring, college-boy content. 

Question - I'm was taught America is founded on racism...will 4 Days of Freedom Change my mind? 

Answer - Yes.

People who want you to hate America DO NOT have your best interests at heart.

They lie about Americanism to divide black and white Americans and rob our children of their heritage while advancing their greedy, money loving agenda. 

America is NOT founded on racism. It's founded on equal treatment, individual liberty and freedom. I'll prove it to you. 

Question - Should I register for 4 Days for Freedom? 

Answer - Yes. Yes you should. Hit the button below. 

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